Cold weather tips for your home, prevent a frozen line.

With colder weather ahead, follow these tips:

-In extreme cold conditions check plumbing pipes along exterior walls, if you have a sink on an exterior wall leave the cabinet doors open under sink to allow warm air to circulate.
-Disconnect all outside water hoses. The water inside the hoses will freeze and expand causing the connected pipes inside to freeze and break if left connected.
-Fix outside faucets that are dripping/leaking or call a Jenison plumber before freezing temperatures arrive. A small crack is a plastic, copper or steel pipe could break and cause damage and flooding.
-Flush your water heater to remove sediment buildup, which causes corrosion. To do this, drain a few gallons from the faucet near the bottom of the tank, connect a hose to the faucet and direct water to a nearby drain. Consult a Jenison plumber for more information about your make and model.
-Clear debris from downspouts and gutters for easy drainage when water freezes and thaws throughout the winter.
-Inspect and clean your sump pump and pit.
-When leaving home for extended periods, shut off the main water valve and drain the system by opening faucets. Make sure the heat is left on and set no lower than 55°F.

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